Monday, March 9, 2009

SRK To Resume Work Soon

Restless and raring to go,” is how a friend visiting Shah Rukh Khan described the actor, who has been confined to his home for over a month
Shah Rukh Khan
Karan Johar with Shah Rukh Khan More Pics
owing to his intricate shoulder surgery.

But SRK, who has been utilising the said time to be with his children, read scripts and catch up on his other reading, is all set to resume shooting from March 19, with friend Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan.

Though no one is talking about SRK’s return plans as yet, it’s reliably learnt that SRK will begin with dramatic scenes as he cannot do strenuous scenes or fight sequences for a while. Since Karan’s is the only film Shah Rukh has on the floors, he will be shooting at his own pace and rhythm, without the risk of having to do anything that could strain his shoulder. Later, during the year, Shah Rukh will be starting Farhan Akhtar’s Don 2 with Priyanka Chopra, who incidentally is one of SRK’s costars to have kept a constant tab on the star’s health progress.

While refusing to talk about Shah Rukh’s return to shooting, Karan says, “All I’ll say is SRK’s health is of utmost importance. Films will come and go. He needs to be well.”
Karan says My Name Is Khan is the most important Johar-Khan collaborative vehicle. SRK is a very active part of My Name Is Khan in terms of its making and marketing, apart from keeping tabs on the finances of the project.

Laughs Karan, “I tend to go a bit crazy with money. SRK is an active producer. It’s an important film for both me and SRK. Again, it’s an emotional bonding. This was a film I wanted to make with and for SRK. I want it to be an endeavour that should take both of us forward together.”


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