Monday, March 9, 2009

Shahrukh Khan as God of love?

Much has been speculated about Shahrukh Khan ’s role in director Mudassar Aziz’s film Dulha Mil Gaya .

The latest bit of rumour says the superstar plays the God of love in the Vivek Vaswani-produced film which has been in the making for god knows how long! SRK doesn’t play a naked winged boy with bow and arrow in hands. He rather plays a serene God of love who even indulges in some stunts.

It can be recalled that while shooting one of these stunts, SRK injured his shoulder and had to recently undergo a surgery at a Mumbai hospital.

However, SRK doesn’t play a central role in ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’. He’s not even second fiddle to the lead hero Fardeen Khan .

Sources say SRK has just a guest appearance that’s restricted to a few scenes and a song that’s yet to be shot on SRK, Fardeen and the film’s leading lady, Sushmita Sen .

The film got stuck on floors after producer Vivek Vaswani increased SRK’s role from a cameo to a full-fledged one, much to the dismay of the superstar who’s apparently doing the film for free since Vaswani is, or at least was, his friend.

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malini said...

ya right shahrukh is god of love

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